Ricochet and Xenna's Puppies June 2020


    Beautiful, Healthy, Thriving puppy's each come with up to date shots and record, Health certificate from vet     visit, 2 year hip and elbow guarentee and 24/7 support for raising your new puppy.


                        1,___SOLD________                                  1.________________

                        2.___SOLD________                                  2.________________

                        3._______________                                   3.________________

                        4._______________                                   4.________________

                        5._______________                                   5.________________

                        6._______________                                   6.________________

                        7.________________                                 7.________________

                                   All cliants are added to the list as they place their deposit,

                            If the litter is sold out they are moved to the front of the next litter

Shafer Shepherds

Shafer Shepherds

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